Thank you for visiting the brand new Pro Fishing Queensland website. At Pro Fishing Queensland we specialize in:

● Sales and purchases of Queensland commercial fishing licenses, quota, vessels and businesses

● Leasing arrangements for commercial fishing licenses, symbols and quotas

● Asset management

● Asset valuations

● Procurement

● Assistance/advocacy with Fisheries related applications and disputes

● Consultation and general advice

We pride ourselves on the values of integrity and fairness in everything we do; and treat our clients’ interests confidentially at all times.  Please contact us to discuss your needs, and deal with the industry’s most trustworthy brokerage service!

Our online store is now open and stocked with some of the best professional grade crab pots available in QLD, NSW and NT as well as a growing range of crab gear and accessories.

Pro Fishing Queensland is a specialized commercial fishing brokerage focused on Queensland Fisheries. Our mission is to provide excellence in service and advice to the brave and resourceful men and women who provide our citizens, visitors and the global market with sustainably harvested, pristine quality Queensland seafood. We are proud of our clients’ determination to succeed and we do everything we can to assist them. Providing an honest, objective, responsive brokerage service means putting the client first, and that is what we will always do. We also believe strongly in professionalism. This means communicating civilly and respectfully with others (especially on social media).

Politically, we have been enthusiastic and effective advocates for the commercial seafood industry over many years. We believe that Australia’s fisherfolk deserve greater respect and support, and we believe that the average Australian seafood consumer agrees. Whether it is Christmas, Easter or any half decent Sunday on the back deck; consumption of fresh Australian seafood is an iconic ritual that connects us to our heritage, to the bounty of our oceans, and to each other. So, we will always encourage politicians, competing stakeholders and individuals to be reflective of what this country would suffer (economically and culturally) if we allow our commercial fishing base to be continuously eroded; and to adjust their mindsets accordingly. Before it is too late.